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For Music Teachers, Students, or anyone else who wants to write Tablature*, or explore Alternate Tunings for Guitar (Including Slide Guitar and Slack Key),
5 String Banjo, Mandolin, Violin / Fiddle or Ukulele.

Using TabWrite by MusiCatt you can easily write Tablature*, and Standard Music Notation, learn Scales, and Chords in just about any Tuning.

Lefthanded? - No problem. Left Hand Instruments included.

Click on the Button next to your favorite Instrument to check out the Default Tunings and the Lefthanded Instruments.

Guitar Tunings
Banjo Tunings
Mandolin Tunings
Violin Tunings
Ukulele Tunings

Can't find your favorite Tuning in the Default Tunings? No Problem - Create your own Tunings with the TabWrite by MusiCatt "My Tunings" Button.

Experiment, change Tuning anytime to find the best one for your song, and your style of playing.

Want to write Tablature for a Song that you have Sheet Music for, but you can't read Standard Music Notation? No problem. With TabWrite by MusiCatt's Note Finder it's easy. The Note Finder is a great tool for finding Notes on the Instrument and learning (or teaching) how to read Standard Music Notation.

Song in the wrong "Key"** ? - No problem. Transpose a song to any Major Key on the Circle of 5ths (also known as Circle of Fourths / Circle of Fifths) by using the Transpose Button.

* tablature [ tab la CHer ] [ tab la CHo͝or ]

A form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes written on, for example, lines (corresponding to the strings of a Guitar), with Numbers, indicating the Fret where the Finger(s), or a "Slide" is to be placed to achieve the desired pitch.

Typical Tablature compared to TabWrite by MusiCATT Tablature

** Key - As it relates to Music: a group of musical notes, based on a particular note (Root), producing a scale, which forms the tonal basis of a piece or passage of music.

Key of C (Root)

Chromatic (12 Tone Scale) C - Db - D - Eb - E - F - Gb - G - Ab - A - Bb - B

Diatonic (7 Tone Scale) C - D - E - F - G - A - B

It seems that the C Diatonic Scale graphic is missing

Key of E (Root)

Chromatic (12 Tone Scale) E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B - C - C# - D - D#

Diatonic (7 Tone Scale) E - F# - G# - A - B - C# - D#

It seems that the E Diatonic Scale graphic is missing

The bottom line is:

If you have been looking for Tablature Software so you can write tab in alternate tunings, you will be a tab writer the quick and easy way with Tab Write by MusiCAT. The easy to use tab writing software for string instruments.

You also get:

The Demo Version is a free tablature software package that lets you "Try it before you Buy it"

Trying out the Free Demo, will show you how easy it is to write tablature and write standard music notation at the same time.
Write chords, scales, triplets, chord change markers and numbered measure bars.
Need to add, delete or move a note, chord, triplet, chord change marker or measure bar?
Editing your song tablature, notes on the staff and everything else is quick and easy.

So let's get started. Click the Run Demo Video Button, or check out the User Guide to see how easy it is.

The picture seems to be missing, and it's a really cool one too